Research-based media planning is a highly customized advertising approach that develops an advertising plan based on the unique details of your business, industry, and specific customers.


Persona Development

Step one in developing a media and marketing strategy… know your customers. Who are they? (What is their demographic?) What do they like/what are their other interests? Where do they live? How far will they travel for your goods or services? When are they looking for your good or services? This helps define your customer persona(s).

Market Research

Market research provides insight about geographical areas, whether helping you locate your target customers or informing you of the demographics in your target area. It provides information about spending habits, media viewing behavior, and more.

Industry Trends

You need to research how other businesses in your industry are reaching your customers and the media mix they are using to do so. This data along with your specific goals and industry trends will help create the perfect media mix match for you.

Save Time

We handle the media research, ad placement, ad execution, & media performance reporting

Save Money

Stretch your marketing budget farther by leveraging our relationships & bulk media purchasing

Waste Not

Continuously optimize your campaign so that you don’t waste money on underperforming media


Do you know what your marketing budget is? Don't worry, you're not the only one. Unfortunately, many businesses haphazardly place ads here and there without any strategy behind the placements because they don't know what they should spend. Not only does this method of advertising not work, but it is expensive too.

So how do you figure out your budget?

          • Use national trends to see what other businesses in your industry allocate to their advertising budgets.
          • Make suggestions on what size advertising budget makes sense for your sales goals.
          • Investigate available co-op funds through your brands that can be added to your advertising budget

Most importantly, many agencies specialize in only one media category whereas we have relationships with every type of media across the board (i.e., print, television, radio, digital, etc.). This ensures that your budget is applied in the most effective way possible without any prejudice towards any particular individual media category.



Co-op advertising is a win-win for you and for the brands you carry. It reduces the advertising costs for you, which allows you to advertise more frequently or with bigger and more colorful ads. Co-op in-turn will increase overall awareness of the national brand and increase your sales, and their sales as well.

Co-op does comes with strict rules and guidelines that must be followed in order to receive your reimbursement for your ads. Let us handle the time consuming details, leaving you with the time to make sure that you spend all of the free advertising dollars that you are entitled to!

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Media Planning

Successful advertising is based on information about your customer. Without knowing who your customer is, what your customer wants and where you customer is, how can you let them know that you have a product or service that they need or want? Once you know about your customers, how do you reach them?

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Media Analysis

Even though you put a lot of energy into making sure you have an ideal plan specific to your business, customers and goals... sometimes not everything works as well as expected.

We continuously monitor and analyze overall performance in order to optimize your plan, producing monthly reports for your review and to identify adjustments needed to achieve optimal reach and maximum results.

       • Media post-buy analysis
       • Media value-add analysis
       • Advertising Reports (display, video, mobile, search/PPC, social media)

We'll review media mix, media value, cost per thousand people reached, cost per click, cost per view with a goal of getting the most out of your media investment. Some media offer even greater detailed analytics, particularly digital media. We're not just going to give you a page full of numbers, we'll explain what it all means and make recommendations based on those metrics.


Return on investment is important to you, which is why your campaign must be monitored from start to finish. If any piece of the plan is underperforming, the campaign can be adjusted to include more of what is working and less of what isn't.

Let us help to make sure your media campaigns do not plateau and are always performing their best. We compare key performance indicators against benchmarks watching that your KPIs are performing at or above expectations. We then make recommendations to shift ad impressions away from underperforming media outlets or remove them altogether.

Know your advertising goals?
  •        • Direct response
  •        • Brand awareness
  •        • Generate leads
  •        • Strengthen existing customer relationships
  • • Reach new prospects
  • • Reposition your brand
  • • Seasonal retail sales or promotions
  • • Expand your geographic reach

Different goals require different media strategies, which we continually monitor and adjust to ensure your media mix is achieving your advertising goals. Adjustments made as a result of frequent reporting on analytics and performance evaluation is what ensures that your plan achieves optimal reach and maximum results.



Have you ever had an ad not run as planned (i.e., ran too close to a competitor, didn't run enough impressions, ran black and white when it was scheduled for color, etc.)? You are entitled to a media credit, but only if you recognize the mistake and request a make good. We continually audit and reconcile plans, making sure that all media is correct and runs as expected.