Media Planning

You wouldn't operate your business without a plan. Why would you market your business without one?

With over 15 years in the media industry, we have the media knowledge to create a media mix as individual as your business. And we'll manage every aspect of the plan so that you will be free to do what you do best: manage your business. Save time, eliminate waste and stretch your marketing dollar further.


Integrated Media


newspaper, magazines, direct mail


local and national cable and broadcast networks


local and national stations, sponsorships & endorsements

Out of Home

billboard, cinema, transportation centers, bus/train/taxi signage


promo materials, event sponsorships, speaking engagements, attendance


display, video, PPC, social, mobile, programmatic, email    (Read More)


Research-based media planning is a highly customized advertising approach that develops an advertising plan based on the unique details of your business, industry, and specific customers.

To develop a custom media plan that will reach your customers with the greatest efficiency, you need to develop a target customer persona, research where those people are, and then determine the industry specific media mix that your competitors are using to reach your customers.

Consumer Persona

Successful advertising is based on information about your customer. Your advertising must relate to who your customer is, what they want, and where they are.

Consumption Data

Every media outlet has detailed information on their audience demographics and reach. Combine this across media categories (i.e., print), media types (i.e., newspaper), and individual titles (i.e., Boston Globe).

Custom Goal Based Media Plan

Buried somewhere within this massive amount of data are your target customers you want to reach. Your plan needs to be as unique as your business, customized for your specific goals and budget.

Why Ephemeris

Save Time

We handle the media research, ad placement, ad execution, & media performance reporting

Save Money

Stretch your marketing budget farther by leveraging our relationships & bulk media purchasing

Waste Not

Continuously optimize your campaign so that you don’t waste money on underperforming media

Ephemeris manages the media planning and buying. We work with your marketing department or creative agency to ensure that your message gets to your most desired customers.

While many agencies specialize in only one media category, we have relationships with every type of media across the board (i.e., print, television, radio, digital, etc.). This ensures that your budget is applied in the most effective way possible without any prejudice towards any particular individual media category.

Advertising is no longer one size fits all. If you take only one message away with you, let it be that Ephemeris is focused on advertising effectiveness for your specific business. This takes time, research, and the analysis of a LOT of data to develop a plan that is perfect for your business, industry, goals, budget, and (most importantly) your customers.



Nearly 90% of the US population is online today. The average American spends 5.6 hours per day online (2.8 hours of that on their mobile phone*). Digital media is no longer "the next big thing, " it is now. The beauty of digital advertising is that there can be a plan to suit every budget. But the digital sphere can be overwhelming with so many options.

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