Digital Media

Nearly 90% of the US population is online today. The average American spends 5.6 hours per day online (2.8 hours of that on their mobile phone*). Digital media is no longer "the next big thing, " it is now.

Not convinced yet? Digital media provides the following significant advantages over traditional media:

Consumer Engagement

Digital media allows you to engage your customers in a two-way conversation. It also allows you to generate content for your customers to share, a tricky but highly effective marketing tool.

Data Analysis

Traditional media outlets can provide you audience demographic potential. Digital media can tell you exactly who viewed and interacted with your advertising, and the exact number of people reached.

Real-time Correction

Is your media campaign reaching the wrong age group? Is it reaching too little or too far? You can immediately make adjustments to ensure that your marketing dollars are spent wisely.

Save Time

We handle the media research, ad placement, ad execution, & media performance reporting

Save Money

Stretch your marketing budget farther by leveraging our relationships & bulk media purchasing

Waste Not

Continuously optimize your campaign so that you don’t waste money on underperforming media

Digital Options

The beauty of digital advertising is that there can be a plan to suit every business, budget, and advertising goal. But the digital sphere can be overwhelming with so many options. Here is a list to get you started.

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.):
Great engagement and increased loyalty are borne of vibrant communication. Combine conversation-prompting posts and targeted paid ads to begin your conversations with existing and new customers.

Display (Banner Ads):
Reach loyal engagers who frequent a multitude of specific websites by serving your message through static or animated digital banner ads.

Target your specific consumers through highly engaging and eye-catching video. Share your videos on YouTube, Vimeo, television sites, your own website, and on other various video-capable sites.

In 2014, time spent on mobile devices eclipsed time spent on desktops per day. A recent study shows that mobile ads boost in-store visits by as much as 80%, with nearly 35% of shoppers make purchases right on their mobile device.

Email Marketing:
Also known as digital direct mail, email takes the traditional form of direct mail and improves upon it. Deliver your message to your existing database of customer contacts or reach new consumers through select targeting options.

Reach people who are ready to purchase now. When someone is conducting a search for a product or service, they are ready to buy. 89% of consumers use Google, Bing or another search engine to research a product right before they buy. And 78% of mobile searches also result in a purchase.

Marketers have a unique opportunity to continue to deliver their message to a person who showed some interest in their business. Have your message follow and redisplay to people who have visited your website, but left before purchasing or seeking more information.

Deliver your message to a fine-tuned target audience based on a vast variety of consumers through demographics, interests, intents, geography, even socio- and economic parameters.