Mystery PhotoTaryn started her marketing career 15 years ago at a local newspaper helping businesses promote themselves. Probably as a result of watching the "Miracle on 34th Street" too many times as a child, her sales technique was simple; suggest to her clients to buy other media.

"Suggesting other media to my clients raised the bar. It solidified the rapport and trust they had in me. And once I built up their trust to that degree, they realized I cared more about the success of their business than just taking their money."


- 15 years of experience in the media, marketing, research, and co-op advertising space. -

From there, her professional experience expanded to the corporate media level for a newspaper conglomerate with 350 print and digital platforms across 6 major US markets. She helped establish and implement their co-op program, trained sales staff, developed social media strategy, and utilized syndicated and proprietary market and industry research to aide in marketing implementation.

Taryn's participation in the transformation of the newspaper industry to digital media naturally transitioned her to the world of digital everything, while remaining closely aligned with traditional (and still vibrant) TV, radio, and billboard outlets. As a Senior Media Buyer, Taryn has established close relationships with major media outlets across the country. Rounding out her extensive marketing experience, Taryn is an accomplished artist who holds a fine arts degree with specializations in oil paints, drawing, and graphic design. These skills have served her well throughout the years as visual design remains an essential part of marketing for brand recognition and distinction.

Save Time

We handle the media research, ad placement, ad execution, & media performance reporting

Save Money

Stretch your marketing budget farther by leveraging our relationships & bulk media purchasing

Waste Not

Continuously optimize your campaign so that you don’t waste money on underperforming media

Ephemeris manages the media planning and buying. We work with your marketing department or creative agency to ensure that your message gets to your most desired customers.

While many agencies specialize in only one media category, we have relationships with every type of media across the board (i.e., print, television, radio, digital, etc.). This ensures that your budget is applied in the most effective way possible without any prejudice towards any particular individual media category.

Advertising is no longer one size fits all. If you take only one message away with you, let it be that Ephemeris is focused on advertising effectiveness for your specific business. This takes time, research, and the analysis of a LOT of data to develop a plan that is perfect for your business, industry, goals, budget, and (most importantly) your customers.