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Successful advertising is based on information about your customer. Without knowing who your customer is, what your customer wants and where you customer is, how can you let them know that you have a product or service that they need or want? Once you know about your customers, how do you reach them?

Research & Budget

A sailor always charts his course before leaving for sea. Develop your target persona and draw from industry research to define a custom media plan for your business that will reach those people the most efficiently.

Ensure that you are receiving the best advertising rates by leveraging our relationships and bulk purchasing from media outlets.



Know your audience, market conditions, and industry trends to determine your media mix.


Market research combined with your sales objectives will help chart your advertising course.


For those who take the time & effort, co-marketing is an invaluable and rewarding tool.

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Media Planning

Work with 15 years of media industry knowledge to create a media mix as individual as your business. Let us handle all of the media research, ad placement and execution, and media performance reporting so that you will be free to do what you do best – manage your business.  

Plan & Strategize

Save time, eliminate waste.
Stretch your marketing dollar further.

Digital Media

The ocean of digital media is vast.
Let us help navigate your journey.

Rate of Return

To make sure that you fish were the fish are, you need to utilize various research tools to set up your marketing campaigns ... followed by constant monitoring and analysis of your campaign results.

Analysis is one of the most neglected pieces of a marketing plan, but may very well be the most important part. You don't just want to run a campaign and hope for the best. You want to run a campaign and know it works… and be able to adjust accordingly if for any reason it isn't.



Transform your raw ad data into useful insights.


Improve ad results through careful data analysis.

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Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after.

- Henry David Thoreau
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Taryn started her marketing career 15 years ago at a local newspaper helping businesses promote themselves. Probably as a result of watching the "Miracle on 34th Street" too many times as a child, her sales technique was simple; suggest to her clients to buy other media.

"Suggesting other media to my clients raised the bar. It solidified the rapport and trust they had in me. And once I built up their trust to that degree, they realized I cared more about the success of their business than just taking their money."